Seeking Solitude ~ by Rula Zein-Iddin

Solitude, what makes you my favorite escape?
In a life so hectic that my mind is agape

Struggling to understand, bombarded by media
When all I aspire to is to travel with Expedia

Why all this hunger, this rape of the earth?
Why can’t we all just give injustice a wide berth?

Who did what to whom and why?
Can’t you just see that in the end we all die?

What is the point of clinging on in frustration
Wreaking pure havoc, suffering & devastation

Just unite in your aspirations for a better world
And with belief & wonder watch your dreams unfold.

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*** Dedicated to those with a gift of the virtual gab ***

With pride I read these magical words

Enjoying the friendly clatter of swords

For what more joy can the mind receive

Than words of love pretending to deceive

Hiding deep friendships that bear the test of time

Respect and admiration are truly sublime

Inspired I feel, warmed to the very soul

Better than chicken soup eaten from a bowl 

Meanings so true that they bloom & flourish

True thoughts that cherish & deeply nourish

Across the world such sentiments are shared,

So many miles away from friends that cared

Those gifted with words and deeds so true

Can spread the love to old and new

A celebration of accomplishments long overdue

Bring friendly banter as though on cue

Those whose star will always shine bright

Others who defiantly shun the limelight

Yet hidden talents are clear for all to see

A fount of pride and glowing glee

These gifts make me smile with pride

For such joy was never meant to hide

The celebration of human emotion will remain

The greatest gift from which we should never refrain


How is it possible to live one day at a time....
Yet on some days you live more than a whole  lifetime?

A day that starts out slow, well before dawn
When your greatest achievement is merely a loud yawn

A bumpy drive in the depths of the dark
From calm urbanization to a proud desert so stark

Greeted by a fire roaring with delight,
Flickering madly, it was the sole light

Standing around and posing in eager anticipation
Keen to move on, not keep waiting in frustration

Taking photos despite the ridiculously low light
Discovering a JTV crew would be along for the ride

Suddenly distant lights approaching so fast
We realize that the adventure is about to start

Driving deeper into a rose-red desert that blushes
Voices raised high as the excitement rushes

We stop and wait further as the preparation ensues
Taking photos and gasps of awe as the sun gently pursues

Flashes of flame greet the smell of burning gas
Gathering around to watch the large blue balloon amass

Mere minutes pass by as if in a dream of delight
Clambering aboard with no thoughts of our plight

With clear instructions given in a somber voice so deep
We quickly realize there is no turning back, this is for keeps

The gas is turned up and the flames rise higher
The roaring heat makes it feel like a bonfire

The ground swiftly fades as we slowly rise
Our breaths held tight not believing our eyes

The majestic glow brings such joy to my heart
A growing addiction to this mystery called flight

We glide along so smoothly on a cloud
A blissful contentment beating so loud

Our pilot displays such calm control and prowess
That his manner instills immediate confidence

With incredible skill he performs swift manoeuvres
And glides up a mountain only to balance us at its peak

To shouts of sheer glee and generous applause
Nodding in acknowledgement with a twinkle in his eyes

Too quickly we start our slow descent to the ground
A realization of how this discovery was meant to be found

A growing addiction to floating in the air
A certain knowledge, a truth laid bare

That life without flight can never be the same
And for that our hot air balloon is to blame.

(c) Rula Zein-Iddin


Ergo Ego



~ ( c) Rula Zein-Iddin (All rights reserved)

Whenever you are all blown up and feeling self-righteous

Wake up and realize that you just appear pretentious

If that voice in your head keeps on bragging

You must do your utmost  to stop all  that nagging

Building up your own scenarios and feeding your  illusions

Jumping to all sorts of far-fetched conclusions

Surely you realize that all that inflation,

Attempts by yourself at some new creation

Are solely a source of constant prevarication

And can only ever meet with defeat and frustration

For selfish motives can never be pure

So painful upset you will have to endure

For there by the grace of God go I

Yet continuing on an egotistic path will surely make you cry

All alone and lost in the depths of despair

It is guaranteed that no one will ever care

For when you put your interests above all

You must realize that pride comes before a fall

Don't  hold on to your opinions like treasured gold

Or you will always be left out in the cold

For others will never be persuaded

In fact you can only ever be left frustrated

When you let your ego rule ever supreme

You must recognize that this is but a virtual dream

So manage your thoughts and become truly aware

Of your one pure spirit, if you truly dare

For to know yourself is the final destination

It is time to stop all the procrastination

Time slows for no man and we are on the run

So take time to contemplate between all the fun

Off to the corner, go lick your wounds

Know  full well that your spirit has no bounds

Evaluate who you are, for why, how and what

Putting up a front serves no purpose, just know that

Let others in and let your soul shine

For that is who we are, our one true gift, yours and mine.

Seasons in the Sun :)

From whence I came, I shall return

In distant memories, I hope to burn 

For what better way to leave a legacy

What more proof of one’s own efficacy

Than to live forever remembered

By those you love, to whom you surrendered

A life worth living is full of trust

Emotions that rage and embrace are a must

Good friends, hard times, those ups and downs

People of all colors, shapes and frowns

Those that challenge, those that bring joy

And those that disparage, those that annoy

For on this bumpy track we call life

How boring if we lived without strife

In order to truly savor the sweet

We must with distaste occasionally meet

Those bitter spices that help us discover

The true strengths and weaknesses of each other

One day I lean on you, a little too much

The next I am there for you, for friendship is such

So take comfort and know this comes from the heart

Over seasons and lifetimes true friends do not part.

(c) Rula Zein-Iddin ~ All rights reserved.

Magnificently proud and defiant

He thunders along, never compliant

Snorting breath and nose a flare

With beauty and grace, his eyes do glare

His mane it streams in the air

With such elegance and incredible flair

He owns this land, this earth is his

This is his world, this is his bliss

For when you witness such poetry in motion

You are forever changed, overcome with emotion

Can man ever feel such proud independence?

Will he ever know such profound acceptance?

The taste of Freedom we all seek

The burden of obligations making us meek

It is time to break all these barriers down

And emerge to bravely face what we have sown

A new world order for those who care

To honour those few that truly dare

To raise their heads above the crowd

And declare equality & freedom aloud

A right for one and all to be shared

A day when humanity finally cared

(c) Rula Zein-Iddin ~ All rights reserved.

An incongruous  mix of old and new

Streets with names of folks we knew

A villa here,  a tower there

Civic planning of which I despair

Our traffic rules are clear for all

Those that follow them so rare; if at all

Within this seemingly chaotic city

Are those that struggle and fill you with pity

The dustmen who clean our streets every day

The begging children who do not play

A growing abyss between rich and poor

The daily struggle to lead a life that is secure

A city full of contradicting trends

Be they conservative or fashion that offends

And yet in harmony we all do live

Our heart and souls to this land we give

For where else can you find such peace of mind

The love of a home-land so hard to define

A trip downtown holds a magic air

A simplicity rarely found elsewhere

I love the hustle and bustle of the market place

I long to capture each and every face

For each one has a story to tell

Of how their fortunes rose and fell

The colours, sights and smells delight

Though crossing traffic fills most with fright

To understand where we are and how far we can reach

We need to see where we came from and thus I beseech

For us to maintain our heritage in this city of old

A valued treasure worth far more than gold.


“I am here now… So, what’s my dinner today?”

Keeping an eye out for uninvited dinner guests ;-P

Silently she approaches

Cautious yet brave

A furtive glance my way

And a quick flick of her head

She blinks at me twice

As if to say

“I am here now…

So, what’s my dinner today?”

With a sniff of the air

She gives me a grin

“My favorite today”

She appreciatively nods

All courtesy dispensed with

She has her first bite

With manners so lady-like

She nibbles away

Happily she feasts on this gourmet delight

A meal fit for a Queen

For this jewel is called Emerald

And she lives up to her name

Several short stares come my way

Any movement I make is met with glare

For only on her terms is she willing

With savvy guile, this game to play 

Self-preservation rules supreme

For this Queen of the Jungle is very aware

That danger does lurk

Both near and afar

So her wits about her she must keep

Her life is at stake from every car

But here she is safe

With nary a care

For this is her Kingdom

It is her domain

My garden is her’s

And she’ll keep it that way

A few flicks of her whiskers

To wipe away the crumbs

Pearly white teeth glistening

On a furry pink tongue

A blink to say thank-you

And a swish of her tail

She’s off on her next adventure

She’s on her merry way

We’ll wait till tomorrow

To see her again

For those are the rules

And it’s her game we play.


My darling parents - May you rest in peace in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Allah yir7amkom ou yi3fi 3ankom.

It was 3 years ago this month that I lost you both

And yet it seems like yesterday

I could never imagine life without you

And yet here I still am today

I pray you are happy in a far away land

I hope that you are sitting hand in hand

Surrounded by those you love who have passed

Forever at peace , no worries at last

A burbling creek and a never ending blue sky

Green grass at you feet and birds that fly

For those are the things that you loved to see

And so these surroundings will give you glee

You taught me so much, I learnt a lot

Your lessons passed on, will never be forgot

I dream of you, I hear your laughter

I wish I could hold you and hug you forever after

How I wish I could kiss your face

And hold you in a tight embrace

One day I shall do that and all will be clear

This illusion of life,  that we cling to as dear

A journey destined to be shared

With those few that we know truly cared

We know not how it starts

Nor when and how it stops

But for those already departed

We have such love in our hearts

Joint memories that we will always  share

And a faith that they know how much we care


Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

Questions that beg a reply

Answers more complicated than they belie

For who really knows who they are?

To discover this you may  travel both near and far

Who does not struggle with reasons for existence?

Unanswered questions of such burning persistence?

After all these years, of a few things I am certain

Happiness lies within, to be unveiled like a curtain

To seek it in things, will satisfy a few

But then they will persevere, in gaining, all anew

For greed continues to raise its ugly head

A testament to guilty pleasure, borne & bred

All struggles & strife may cut like a knife

But without them, who has truly lived life?

We need to grow, to experience and learn

A world of adventure awaits those who yearn

That thrill of discovery is so real and pervasive

Without it emotions are never invasive

So how to conclude this philosophical deluge?

Quite simply I say, we all need to pray

That we live each moment,

Without the future’s portent

For what’s past is past

And was never meant to last

Those who pass through our lives like strangers

Others who endure & linger without danger

Those that cause you pain & pleasure

Regardless of why, treat it like treasure

For it is in others actions and your response to them

That you will discover the truth of who, what & why you, are you.

~ By Rula Zein-Iddin