Success.  A word that is guaranteed to make the most courageous heart quiver in anticipation and self-doubt.

For who defines success?  If you allow others to set the bar then you are destined for the stress and disappointment of trying to please others; a path that inevitably leads to heartache and despair.

If you take the onus upon yourself to define success then what is the measure? Is it financial, physical or spiritual? Is it defined by your income or by how many friends you have?

Having burned out successfully in the corporate rat race of the 21st Century I can safely attest to the fact that success for me can never be defined by material gain.

As sanctimonious as it may sound, life has proven time and time again that true wealth is gained from how you treat others, and thus the only bar you need to set is how you yourself want to be treated.

If you want respect, value others. If you want to be recognized, give credit to others. If you want to be generous then a kind word, a warm gesture or a sincere smile are worth more than any cash donation.

Life is fundamentally simple, we humans just have a tendency to over-complicate it.

If you are ever in doubt about this just take the time to observe and listen: watch the sky, feel the sun & hear the birds.

These things have not changed but by getting wrapped up in the "survival of the fittest" mentality, we quickly forget that we need to connect to the basic gifts of life. We owe ourselves as much.