Unfortunately this is a painfully common sight at traffic lights and street corners.

The initial approach

This young girl approached me saying she was hungry and begging for money.... Scenes like this make you wonder where our humanity is hiding.

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Getting to know you...

I managed to engage her in conversation and discovered what a truly beautiful child hid beneath the depths of her poverty stricken despair.


Her intelligence & personality shine through...

....it would take so little to enable her to realise her true potential....

And yet how many other little girls are out there being forced to beg a living?


Two sides to every coin....

....behind her you can spot an excited & happy little girl running towards the hanging toys....


In stark contrast...

And there, just a few metres behind the poor beggar girl and thank-fully unbeknown to her...

.....a care-free child lays claim to her chosen toy.....and loudly beckons her parents to buy her a rubber floater.

Oh the irony.


But I want this one....

....would that any child's wishes were so easy to grant.



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10/04/2016 12:15am

Yes this is a common scene at the road side.Many children are on the road asking for money as they are hungry or in a miserable condition.Theses scene are very teasing and we only think that this is inhumanity.But do nothing for these kids.


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