Sheer elation. Indescribable admiration. A sense of pride. But most of all, awe.

They pulled it off. And how!

If you ever doubt that you can make a difference, take a leaf out of Egypt’s latest papyrus. They have irrevocably changed the course of history in the Middle East!

For the past 18 days we watched, cheered & cried in desperation & frustration as the fortitude & resilience of the protesters was challenged time & time again.

The culmination of their sheer determination & national pride was inspirational.

That people of all walks of life could be so united & connected helped renew our faith not only in humanity but in our very ethnicity.

Long reputed to be Om il-Donya (Mother of the World), Egypt delivered. They have reunited Arabs with their essence and more importantly reminded us that human dignity & freedom are basic rights that we are all entitled to.

People power in the age of social media is no longer a myth. We can make a difference. Small ripples lead to huge changes.

“Yes we can” has been usurped by “Yes we did!” . Egyptian’s have walked the talk and set a role model not just for Arabs but for people everywhere.

Clearly the road to Egypt’s liberation from 30 years of regime abuse & corruption will take time but when 80 million people share the same vision & aspirations, they can move pyramids, literally.


04/16/2016 3:04pm

Arab countries are now facing these type of issues which really effect on their economy as well as create many other issues that are not best for their society.

10/31/2016 11:17pm

The Arabs gave the rights to all men and women, and they also gave freedom to speak freely about the problems they are facing in state.

12/15/2016 1:05am

We should do little steps. Step by step. For a big dream)

05/10/2017 2:04am

We can everything we want. We are very powerful!


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