As I stare at the headlines in bewilderment
It appears the veiled aims obtained fulfillment

For nowhere in the foreign media transmission
Is Gaza mentioned once, such a blatant omission

For political analysts this is a clear portent
Of a biased administration’s avid intent

So who designed Michelle's elegant white Dress,
Takes precedence over a whole nations distress?

With talks of recession & even depression
It is clear that we must repress the oppression

As I continued to watch with mounting rage
What would it take for us to be centre stage?

Let’s not wait any longer with baited breath
For a miracle to extract us from this bleak myth

The human psyche and its frail humility
Razed to the ground by rampant brutality

No need for expectations since the writing is on the wall
For Gaza & its children have been failed by one & all



06/19/2016 10:50am

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12/10/2016 5:59am

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12/10/2016 6:18am

You have put everything in a nice manner. It is true that no one is caring for Gaza or the things that people are facing there. All people are concerned about is The White House.


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