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Growing restlessness, a deep sense of unease

A feeling of futile hope, which no words can appease

Disbelief that once again we are observers of our own fate

Deep fear that will not abate, for futures we cannot create

Our conscience ahead of our voices subdued

In silence, yet again, buried guilt is imbued

For when will we awaken and understand

That all this suffering is for our riches not sand

When will we learn that submission is for the weak

And that silence will always be the ploy of the meek

We sit and debate as strategies are formed

And watch in horror as their executions unfold

Forever played as pawns of no value

Our vision derided by a sense of déjà vu

As events unfold like a Shakespearean tragedy

I shudder at the farce our enduring legacy

Inevitably we embrace outside interference

Expediently rushing to provide unhindered clearance

In frustration we analyze the double standards and fake media

Yet allow them free access to generate mass hysteria

How else can we master the art of hypocrisy?

Than by yielding in deference to all this duplicity

Double edged swords on which nations are maimed regardless

And the foregone conclusion that we only have permission to regress.

<![CDATA[The Arab Delusion]]>Mon, 25 Feb 2013 15:19:29 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2013/02/the-arab-delusion1.htmlIn growing numbers they walk passed my home till echos of refugees the world over haunt me.

~ Dedicated to the people of Syria now, the people of Palestine both past & present.... and indeed for all refugees the world over.
'You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in a drop.' ~ Rumi

Passed my home in a constant stream
Strong emotions resonate and team

Rushing in their hope to dream
Expectant faces that hide one scream

A nearby land they aim to soon reclaim
A wrong to be righted despite the blame

The parallels to another tribe are truly real
So how can I but an overwhelming sadness feel

When will we learn from this repeated mistake?
What will it take from this deep illusion to awake?

We are all one, yet we constantly divide
Our lives consistently shattered by pride

Which clan are you? To whom do you belong?
When will we realise that this is just wrong

United we stand, divided we fall
We repeat it blindly, yet in action we stall

A simple concept so hard to uphold
And so on a fool's errand we never find gold

Peace and security are words we use lightly
Whilst fear and despair shine ever more brightly

I want to stand tall and say as loud as I can
This earth is only ours but for a short span

So the sooner we learn to faithfully aspire
For causes whose aims are so much higher

The faster we will all truly see
That there is more to you and me

Than titles, names & what we do
One heart that beats for old and new

A united people who can finally achieve
A redeemed humanity in which we can believe

Written by Rula Zein-Iddin ~ (c) All Rights Reserved

<![CDATA[Suffocation]]>Mon, 19 Nov 2012 14:43:46 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2012/11/suffocation.html
~ Dedicated to the People of Palestine & the Children of Gaza ~

My heart aches

Powerless futility

A nightmare déjà vu

It could so easily have been us

Blood soaked bodies

Dust drenched hair

Mangled corpses

Wild eyed despair

Burnt land

Crushed olive trees

Smoke, fire, gas, flames

Destruction is so simple

Havoc comes far too easily


None. Ever.

Above the law.


A carte blanche issued at the highest levels

God? Karma? Leaders?

Me? You? Them?

All turn a blind eye

A nation forgotten



A problem

Sweep them under the carpet

Ignore them

Hope they’ll wither and die

But they will not



They are your conscience

Their screams tear at your soul

They will haunt your dreams

Those innocent children

Those new born babes






They have no future

And why?

Because you were silent

Kid yourself not

The least you can do is use your voice

There are no excuses

With enough voices we will be heard

We must be heard

In a world of insanity, greed & corruption

Those with a conscience must speak up

For if we do not

Then who will?

If we cannot

Then who can?

The silence is deafening

And so it goes on

The bombs rain down  

A living hell on earth

And for what?

Campaign votes?




A farce.

Manipulation at best

 Murder most savage at least

May they be haunted in their dreams

And with every breath they take

For he who steals the lives of innocent children

Deserves their life to be a living hell

And may their hereafter be nothing less.

(c) Rula Zein-Iddin
<![CDATA[The Beggar Girl]]>Tue, 07 Aug 2012 16:06:55 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2012/08/the-beggar-girl.htmlUnfortunately this is a painfully common sight at traffic lights and street corners. Picture

The initial approach

This young girl approached me saying she was hungry and begging for money.... Scenes like this make you wonder where our humanity is hiding.

#streetphotography #street #poverty #humanity #humanism #amman #jordan #jordanian


Getting to know you...

I managed to engage her in conversation and discovered what a truly beautiful child hid beneath the depths of her poverty stricken despair.


Her intelligence & personality shine through...

....it would take so little to enable her to realise her true potential....

And yet how many other little girls are out there being forced to beg a living?


Two sides to every coin....

....behind her you can spot an excited & happy little girl running towards the hanging toys....


In stark contrast...

And there, just a few metres behind the poor beggar girl and thank-fully unbeknown to her...

.....a care-free child lays claim to her chosen toy.....and loudly beckons her parents to buy her a rubber floater.

Oh the irony.


But I want this one....

....would that any child's wishes were so easy to grant.

<![CDATA[Al-Nakba: Year 64]]>Tue, 15 May 2012 20:40:10 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2012/05/al-nakba-year-64.htmlPicture

Sixty Four Years

Full of blood stained tears

People who lived in fear

Painful memories that sear

How is it they endure?

Patiently awaiting a "cure"?

How can a nation live in hope?

How do they even cope?

Daily they live in resistance

Constantly showing persistence

Brave souls that have passed

Others for months did fast

Never losing sight

Of their clear legal right

A belief held so strong

A 64 year old wrong

People forever unite

In this steadfast nation’s plight

Dreams of living proud and free

To their homes, they still carry the key

A hope to which they aspire

A reality that will transpire

~ By Rula Zein-Iddin

A small poem I wrote this morning. Dedicated to all the Martyrs of Palestine who died so others could live proud and free.
<![CDATA[The Re-Birth of Arab Pride ]]>Sun, 13 Feb 2011 00:46:00 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2011/02/the-re-birth-of-arab-pride.html 
Sheer elation. Indescribable admiration. A sense of pride. But most of all, awe.

They pulled it off. And how!

If you ever doubt that you can make a difference, take a leaf out of Egypt’s latest papyrus. They have irrevocably changed the course of history in the Middle East!

For the past 18 days we watched, cheered & cried in desperation & frustration as the fortitude & resilience of the protesters was challenged time & time again.

The culmination of their sheer determination & national pride was inspirational.

That people of all walks of life could be so united & connected helped renew our faith not only in humanity but in our very ethnicity.

Long reputed to be Om il-Donya (Mother of the World), Egypt delivered. They have reunited Arabs with their essence and more importantly reminded us that human dignity & freedom are basic rights that we are all entitled to.

People power in the age of social media is no longer a myth. We can make a difference. Small ripples lead to huge changes.

“Yes we can” has been usurped by “Yes we did!” . Egyptian’s have walked the talk and set a role model not just for Arabs but for people everywhere.

Clearly the road to Egypt’s liberation from 30 years of regime abuse & corruption will take time but when 80 million people share the same vision & aspirations, they can move pyramids, literally. ]]>
<![CDATA[Gaza: Death by Amnesia]]>Sun, 25 Jan 2009 02:56:17 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2009/01/first-post.html
As I stare at the headlines in bewilderment
It appears the veiled aims obtained fulfillment

For nowhere in the foreign media transmission
Is Gaza mentioned once, such a blatant omission

For political analysts this is a clear portent
Of a biased administration’s avid intent

So who designed Michelle's elegant white Dress,
Takes precedence over a whole nations distress?

With talks of recession & even depression
It is clear that we must repress the oppression

As I continued to watch with mounting rage
What would it take for us to be centre stage?

Let’s not wait any longer with baited breath
For a miracle to extract us from this bleak myth

The human psyche and its frail humility
Razed to the ground by rampant brutality

No need for expectations since the writing is on the wall
For Gaza & its children have been failed by one & all

<![CDATA[O People of Israel: Heed our Call ]]>Sat, 24 Jan 2009 00:48:49 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2009/01/o-people-of-israel-heed-our-call.html

Pray let us not lose sight of the discussion
A piece of land to awaken you with concussion

For truly what is it but a lot of bloody dirt
Will it ever compensate for the atrocious hurt?

We are but here for a short while
Yet generation upon generation continually defile

 A series of lies in which you smugly claim
That the land you seek is the only gain

You must realize by now that you can never eradicate
A people whose sole intention it is to liberate

The longer you keep Palestinians under occupation
The more you will need to pray for salvation

Injustice, hatred, corruption, suppression,
Big words that children will now use with aggression

Heed my words well O people of Israel
For it is not your time to posture and revel

For who can possibly come to your aid
When graves for children are being dug in spades?

Humanity can watch in silence no longer
For the weak & oppressed always get stronger

You can bomb us daily with feckless ‘skill’
But that will never ever break our iron will

Wake up & stop living in an evangelical utopia
This land must be shared so be cured of your myopia ]]>
<![CDATA[Children of Gaza: Wear your Kufiya with Pride]]>Fri, 23 Jan 2009 00:51:36 GMThttp://rulazworld.com/4/post/2009/01/children-of-gaza-wear-your-kufiya-with-pride.htmlWear your Kufiya with pride
There is no more reason to hide

For where else in the world can you say
That children have no right to play

You must consider what has passed to be past
After all your childhood was not intended to last

Despite the broken bones & spilled blood
You must stand strong & raise your head

For the young heal faster than the old
And the horrendous damage will remain untold

This madness of hunger and pain
Where others have far more to gain

Your face and your haunted eyes
Have unmasked a thousand lies

It seems you will always remain
The child who’s laughter we’ll refrain

Who knows what horrors do lurk
In a mind once calm, now full of murk 

Your fear has been nurtured my child
You must wear your Kufiya with pride