Seeking Solitude ~ by Rula Zein-Iddin

Solitude, what makes you my favorite escape?
In a life so hectic that my mind is agape

Struggling to understand, bombarded by media
When all I aspire to is to travel with Expedia

Why all this hunger, this rape of the earth?
Why can’t we all just give injustice a wide berth?

Who did what to whom and why?
Can’t you just see that in the end we all die?

What is the point of clinging on in frustration
Wreaking pure havoc, suffering & devastation

Just unite in your aspirations for a better world
And with belief & wonder watch your dreams unfold.

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16/08/2016 8:09pm

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31/01/2017 4:34pm

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Your inspirational poetry, your moving expressions and your passion for things adequately speaks for the person that you are. This was just the perfect thing to add to a beautiful evening I had today. I really love this work of yours.

03/06/2017 2:43pm

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