Ergo Ego



~ ( c) Rula Zein-Iddin (All rights reserved)

Whenever you are all blown up and feeling self-righteous

Wake up and realize that you just appear pretentious

If that voice in your head keeps on bragging

You must do your utmost  to stop all  that nagging

Building up your own scenarios and feeding your  illusions

Jumping to all sorts of far-fetched conclusions

Surely you realize that all that inflation,

Attempts by yourself at some new creation

Are solely a source of constant prevarication

And can only ever meet with defeat and frustration

For selfish motives can never be pure

So painful upset you will have to endure

For there by the grace of God go I

Yet continuing on an egotistic path will surely make you cry

All alone and lost in the depths of despair

It is guaranteed that no one will ever care

For when you put your interests above all

You must realize that pride comes before a fall

Don't  hold on to your opinions like treasured gold

Or you will always be left out in the cold

For others will never be persuaded

In fact you can only ever be left frustrated

When you let your ego rule ever supreme

You must recognize that this is but a virtual dream

So manage your thoughts and become truly aware

Of your one pure spirit, if you truly dare

For to know yourself is the final destination

It is time to stop all the procrastination

Time slows for no man and we are on the run

So take time to contemplate between all the fun

Off to the corner, go lick your wounds

Know  full well that your spirit has no bounds

Evaluate who you are, for why, how and what

Putting up a front serves no purpose, just know that

Let others in and let your soul shine

For that is who we are, our one true gift, yours and mine.



11/08/2016 1:32pm

I have read your poetry on and my God, was I blown away! I just admire the way you put a rather controversial phenomenon, like ego, in those beautiful poetic words. I hugely applaud your efforts and really look forward to more master pieces from you, Rula Zein-Iddin.

12/06/2017 3:29pm

I love this poem! It encourages all of us to be open to other people, as well as to ourselves. Life is boring if we don't have people around us to support us in the things we wanted to do. It says that being open to people will also open more doors of opportunity for you. I believe in that. "No man is an island!" We have to make a connection with people and learn from them if it's possible!


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