An incongruous  mix of old and new

Streets with names of folks we knew

A villa here,  a tower there

Civic planning of which I despair

Our traffic rules are clear for all

Those that follow them so rare; if at all

Within this seemingly chaotic city

Are those that struggle and fill you with pity

The dustmen who clean our streets every day

The begging children who do not play

A growing abyss between rich and poor

The daily struggle to lead a life that is secure

A city full of contradicting trends

Be they conservative or fashion that offends

And yet in harmony we all do live

Our heart and souls to this land we give

For where else can you find such peace of mind

The love of a home-land so hard to define

A trip downtown holds a magic air

A simplicity rarely found elsewhere

I love the hustle and bustle of the market place

I long to capture each and every face

For each one has a story to tell

Of how their fortunes rose and fell

The colours, sights and smells delight

Though crossing traffic fills most with fright

To understand where we are and how far we can reach

We need to see where we came from and thus I beseech

For us to maintain our heritage in this city of old

A valued treasure worth far more than gold.



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