“I am here now… So, what’s my dinner today?”

Keeping an eye out for uninvited dinner guests ;-P

Silently she approaches

Cautious yet brave

A furtive glance my way

And a quick flick of her head

She blinks at me twice

As if to say

“I am here now…

So, what’s my dinner today?”

With a sniff of the air

She gives me a grin

“My favorite today”

She appreciatively nods

All courtesy dispensed with

She has her first bite

With manners so lady-like

She nibbles away

Happily she feasts on this gourmet delight

A meal fit for a Queen

For this jewel is called Emerald

And she lives up to her name

Several short stares come my way

Any movement I make is met with glare

For only on her terms is she willing

With savvy guile, this game to play 

Self-preservation rules supreme

For this Queen of the Jungle is very aware

That danger does lurk

Both near and afar

So her wits about her she must keep

Her life is at stake from every car

But here she is safe

With nary a care

For this is her Kingdom

It is her domain

My garden is her’s

And she’ll keep it that way

A few flicks of her whiskers

To wipe away the crumbs

Pearly white teeth glistening

On a furry pink tongue

A blink to say thank-you

And a swish of her tail

She’s off on her next adventure

She’s on her merry way

We’ll wait till tomorrow

To see her again

For those are the rules

And it’s her game we play.



27/08/2016 12:55am

With the reading of these all words that you shared here I am getting good entertainment and interesting knowledge. The topic that you chose here and give the details from their all aspects this is creating the outclass meanings for me.

28/08/2016 9:33pm

Wow, I am blown away by your poetic expressions! I never knee you could tell about your cat this way, using poetry. It was indeed a new, but a very delightful experience reading this post of yours.

01/11/2016 7:05pm

What a beatiful cat! I like cats so much! Unfortunately, most of them are very selfish.

03/05/2017 6:18pm

Thank you for posting the photo! I know this is just a simple photo of a cat, but we all know that cat's eyes are very tantalizing. It's like their eyes always have something to say. At the same time, words under its photo are powerful. An article like this is what I like; a powerful article with a nice photo. Thank you for posting this one. I hope to see more quality and entertaining photos from you!


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