My darling parents - May you rest in peace in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Allah yir7amkom ou yi3fi 3ankom.

It was 3 years ago this month that I lost you both

And yet it seems like yesterday

I could never imagine life without you

And yet here I still am today

I pray you are happy in a far away land

I hope that you are sitting hand in hand

Surrounded by those you love who have passed

Forever at peace , no worries at last

A burbling creek and a never ending blue sky

Green grass at you feet and birds that fly

For those are the things that you loved to see

And so these surroundings will give you glee

You taught me so much, I learnt a lot

Your lessons passed on, will never be forgot

I dream of you, I hear your laughter

I wish I could hold you and hug you forever after

How I wish I could kiss your face

And hold you in a tight embrace

One day I shall do that and all will be clear

This illusion of life,  that we cling to as dear

A journey destined to be shared

With those few that we know truly cared

We know not how it starts

Nor when and how it stops

But for those already departed

We have such love in our hearts

Joint memories that we will always  share

And a faith that they know how much we care



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14/09/2017 1:31pm

I cried after reading this very sweet poem. I felt the agony of your piece. Obviously, you love your parents so much. Well, they may be somewhere right now, but I am sure they are still guiding you. They are still looking after you if you are still the so they've raised. By the way, you are a good poet. You have all the power to bring emotion to your pieces and that's very commendable of you!


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23/09/2016 12:50pm


03/07/2017 8:29am

The poem you've written was truly heartfelt. The longing for your parents was felt and I couldn't help but cry after reading your poem. I know you miss them a lot, and the only thing you could do now is to stare at their pictures and wish for one more chance. Life is so harsh sometimes for making us feel like that. By the way, though it's a sad poem, it was beautifully written.


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