Seeking Solitude ~ by Rula Zein-Iddin

Solitude, what makes you my favorite escape?
In a life so hectic that my mind is agape

Struggling to understand, bombarded by media
When all I aspire to is to travel with Expedia

Why all this hunger, this rape of the earth?
Why can’t we all just give injustice a wide berth?

Who did what to whom and why?
Can’t you just see that in the end we all die?

What is the point of clinging on in frustration
Wreaking pure havoc, suffering & devastation

Just unite in your aspirations for a better world
And with belief & wonder watch your dreams unfold.

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How is it possible to live one day at a time....
Yet on some days you live more than a whole  lifetime?

A day that starts out slow, well before dawn
When your greatest achievement is merely a loud yawn

A bumpy drive in the depths of the dark
From calm urbanization to a proud desert so stark

Greeted by a fire roaring with delight,
Flickering madly, it was the sole light

Standing around and posing in eager anticipation
Keen to move on, not keep waiting in frustration

Taking photos despite the ridiculously low light
Discovering a JTV crew would be along for the ride

Suddenly distant lights approaching so fast
We realize that the adventure is about to start

Driving deeper into a rose-red desert that blushes
Voices raised high as the excitement rushes

We stop and wait further as the preparation ensues
Taking photos and gasps of awe as the sun gently pursues

Flashes of flame greet the smell of burning gas
Gathering around to watch the large blue balloon amass

Mere minutes pass by as if in a dream of delight
Clambering aboard with no thoughts of our plight

With clear instructions given in a somber voice so deep
We quickly realize there is no turning back, this is for keeps

The gas is turned up and the flames rise higher
The roaring heat makes it feel like a bonfire

The ground swiftly fades as we slowly rise
Our breaths held tight not believing our eyes

The majestic glow brings such joy to my heart
A growing addiction to this mystery called flight

We glide along so smoothly on a cloud
A blissful contentment beating so loud

Our pilot displays such calm control and prowess
That his manner instills immediate confidence

With incredible skill he performs swift manoeuvres
And glides up a mountain only to balance us at its peak

To shouts of sheer glee and generous applause
Nodding in acknowledgement with a twinkle in his eyes

Too quickly we start our slow descent to the ground
A realization of how this discovery was meant to be found

A growing addiction to floating in the air
A certain knowledge, a truth laid bare

That life without flight can never be the same
And for that our hot air balloon is to blame.

(c) Rula Zein-Iddin