Seeking Solitude ~ by Rula Zein-Iddin

Solitude, what makes you my favorite escape?
In a life so hectic that my mind is agape

Struggling to understand, bombarded by media
When all I aspire to is to travel with Expedia

Why all this hunger, this rape of the earth?
Why can’t we all just give injustice a wide berth?

Who did what to whom and why?
Can’t you just see that in the end we all die?

What is the point of clinging on in frustration
Wreaking pure havoc, suffering & devastation

Just unite in your aspirations for a better world
And with belief & wonder watch your dreams unfold.

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Magnificently proud and defiant

He thunders along, never compliant

Snorting breath and nose a flare

With beauty and grace, his eyes do glare

His mane it streams in the air

With such elegance and incredible flair

He owns this land, this earth is his

This is his world, this is his bliss

For when you witness such poetry in motion

You are forever changed, overcome with emotion

Can man ever feel such proud independence?

Will he ever know such profound acceptance?

The taste of Freedom we all seek

The burden of obligations making us meek

It is time to break all these barriers down

And emerge to bravely face what we have sown

A new world order for those who care

To honour those few that truly dare

To raise their heads above the crowd

And declare equality & freedom aloud

A right for one and all to be shared

A day when humanity finally cared

(c) Rula Zein-Iddin ~ All rights reserved.