*** Dedicated to those with a gift of the virtual gab ***

With pride I read these magical words

Enjoying the friendly clatter of swords

For what more joy can the mind receive

Than words of love pretending to deceive

Hiding deep friendships that bear the test of time

Respect and admiration are truly sublime

Inspired I feel, warmed to the very soul

Better than chicken soup eaten from a bowl 

Meanings so true that they bloom & flourish

True thoughts that cherish & deeply nourish

Across the world such sentiments are shared,

So many miles away from friends that cared

Those gifted with words and deeds so true

Can spread the love to old and new

A celebration of accomplishments long overdue

Bring friendly banter as though on cue

Those whose star will always shine bright

Others who defiantly shun the limelight

Yet hidden talents are clear for all to see

A fount of pride and glowing glee

These gifts make me smile with pride

For such joy was never meant to hide

The celebration of human emotion will remain

The greatest gift from which we should never refrain