Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

Questions that beg a reply

Answers more complicated than they belie

For who really knows who they are?

To discover this you may  travel both near and far

Who does not struggle with reasons for existence?

Unanswered questions of such burning persistence?

After all these years, of a few things I am certain

Happiness lies within, to be unveiled like a curtain

To seek it in things, will satisfy a few

But then they will persevere, in gaining, all anew

For greed continues to raise its ugly head

A testament to guilty pleasure, borne & bred

All struggles & strife may cut like a knife

But without them, who has truly lived life?

We need to grow, to experience and learn

A world of adventure awaits those who yearn

That thrill of discovery is so real and pervasive

Without it emotions are never invasive

So how to conclude this philosophical deluge?

Quite simply I say, we all need to pray

That we live each moment,

Without the future’s portent

For what’s past is past

And was never meant to last

Those who pass through our lives like strangers

Others who endure & linger without danger

Those that cause you pain & pleasure

Regardless of why, treat it like treasure

For it is in others actions and your response to them

That you will discover the truth of who, what & why you, are you.

~ By Rula Zein-Iddin